Making opportunities available

How to share volunteering opportunities with other centres.

I-VOL allows organisations to register their volunteering opportunity only once but make it available across multiple counties should they wish, thereby maximizing their potential to recruit volunteers across a broad range of counties and reducing the administrative burden on organisations and volunteer centres.

When organisations register new opportunities online, they have the choice to “make them available” in other counties. Making an opportunity available means that it will appear in a search function for that county. So for example if an opportunity is managed by Cork Volunteer Centre and made available to Limerick - then volunteers searching for the opportunity will find it if they search in Cork or Limerick. However, the volunteer opportunity is only registered once and can only be edited by the volunteer centre that “owns” that opportunity.

From time to time, a volunteer centre will be required to manually make an opportunity available to another county. Below are the steps to do this. 

First step - go to the volunteer opportunity you wish to share/ make available

At the bottom of the page for the volunteer opportunity, there is a new related list call New Opportunity Availability. Click on the new opportunity availability button to proceed. It will open up a new window to allow you share the opportunity



MakING the opportunity manually available.

This is important. The volunteer bureau field you are making it available to is NOT your centre but the centre you are sending the opportunity to.

So for example, if you are in Dublin City North and want to share an opportunity with Galway VC (so that it will appear in searches for Galway), you would choose Galway as the Volunteer Bureau Field and also Galway as the county. This means the opportunity will be in a list of opps made available to Galway VC and the Galway VC staff can add a local contact should they wish and also be able to delete the availability if they want.


Some counties are managing opps in other counties so to note:

If you want an opportunity to appear in a search for/share with Roscommon - your volunteer bureau = Galway and county = Roscommon

If you want an opportunity to appear in a search/share with for Waterford - your volunteer bureau = South Tipperary and county = WaterfordIf you want an opportunity to appear in a search/share with for Cavan - your volunteer bureau = Monaghan and county = Cavan

If you want an opportunity to appear in a search/share with for Kilkenny or Wexford - your volunteer bureau = Volunteer Ireland and county = Kilkenny or Wexford.

What if I want to make the opportunity available in more than one other county.

To make it available to multiple counties, you will have to repeat the steps above i.e click on new opportunity availability and make it available to a second county (and repeat). The only quick way around this is to actually create the opportunity online (via your website) as then you can click on multiple counties and it makes it available to each county with an individual availability record. 


  • Friday, 15 August 2014

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