Who has access to I-VOL?

Data access policy for I-VOL

I-VOL is the national database of volunteering opportunities in Ireland but also the daily working tool of the local volunteers centres and  volunteering information services in Ireland.  By virtue of the fact that we all share the same database - it is important to have a clear policy on access to the database - and the level of access that each user has.  The policy below sets out these parameters.

Ordinary access by VC Staff

Ordinary access to I-VOL allows users to view all volunteer records associated with their centre and all organisation records associated with all centres.  Users can also carry out some limited functions such as mass emailing, running reports, running dashboards, adding documents etc…

All staff of volunteer centres will be assigned their own individual I-VOL licence.  This is assigned by your  regional champion.

Staff must never give their user name or password to other individuals (including colleagues). 

Staff should change their password on an occasional bases but at a minimum of once per anum.

Passwords should be a mixture of upper case, lower case and numbers.

From time to time, staff may be required to grant login access to the I-VOL administrator or Regional Champion - this access should be for a maximum time of 24 hours.

A maximum amount of 4  licences per centre will be allocated should licence numbers become an issue.

When a staff member goes on extended leave/maternity leave or resigns from the centre, your regional champion must be informed so the relevant license can be suspended (and a new licence allocated to their replacement)

Accounts that have not been accessed for a period greater than 3 months will be suspended by the I-VOL administrator as we have a limited amount of licences for I-VOL.  The licence can be re-activated when the user requires access again.  

Volunteer access

We recognise the involvement of volunteers in our services and their need to access I-VOL.  

A maximum of one I-VOL licence for volunteers will be allocated to volunteer centres on a case by case basis.  This licences is shared by all volunteers accessing I-VOL

Passwords for volunteer accounts must be changed on a monthly basis by the volunteer centre manager.

Volunteers who use I-VOL are required to sign a confidentiality agreement. 

Volunteers should not be given the username and password details of any member of staff. 

Volunteers will be provided with their own account profile that limits their access to I-VOL outside office hours. The level of access assigned to a volunteer will be agreed between the centre manager and their regional champion. However a minimum level of restrictions will apply - i.e. volunteers will have access to I-VOL during office hours or for a set number of hours (in case they want to do an outreach).

Access can be limited be restricting the days and hours a volunteer can log on to I-VOL or where the volunteer can log on from.

It is recommended that due to the type and sensitivity of information recorded in Salesforce, Salesforce volunteers should be garda vetted.

Super admin access 

Super-administrator access allows access to all records and all areas of I-VOL. 

Because of the sensitivity of this access and the ability to access all areas, super admin access is restricted to the following users: 

Volunteer Ireland Administrator
Volunteer Ireland Quality Standards Officer/Communications Officer
I-VOL regional champions
I-VOL administrator

Those with super-admin access will never allow ordinary users to login via a super admin account.

All super-admin users will have received some background training from the I-VOL administrator in advanced I-VOL usage.

Super-administrators (particularly the regional champs), should restrict their logging in via the super-admin account to when they need to make changes to I-VOL.  Other than this, they should use their ordinary accounts.

There are 3 super admin accounts

The sfuser account: used by the volunteer Ireland staff (QS officer and Communications officer)

The vciadmin account: This is the default account for all I-VOL actions including email alerts and can only be accessed by the I-VOL administrator and the VI administrator

The champions account: This is the account that regional champions access to do their I-VOL work.

All super-admin accounts will have a password change on a quarterly basis - this will be carried out by the I-VOL administrator

Occasional Access

Varying levels of access will be granted to outside parties on an occasional bases to work with I-VOL.  These include companies such as c-decisions, Enclude, Salesforce and the I-VOL smartphone app team who have an ongoing relationship with our I-VOL development.

The I-VOL administrator will grant such access on a case by case basis.

The users will be assigned to the role “Volunteer Ireland” with Super-admin access.

This access will be reviewed each month and licences suspended once agreed work is complete.

Parties with occasional access will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement.


  • Written by: Tricia Nolan
  • Friday, 08 August 2014

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