Random Acts of Volunteering

rak8Sometimes people find it difficult to commit a set time for volunteering.  You can still get involved!


The easiest way to get involved in volunteering is to commit a ’Random Act of Volunteering’. A Random Act of Volunteering, or RAV, is a simple act that is done to benefit others. It doesn’t have to cost any money - it is simply an act of kindness. People of all ages can carry out a Random Act of Volunteering.
Take a look below for inspiration on what you can do:  

30 Random Acts of Volunteering

  1. Donate used clothes to a charity shop
  2. Pick up a piece of litter – or several!
  3. Donate blood
  4. Help someone who can’t reach something on a supermarket shelf
  5. Offer to share your umbrella with someone.
  6. Plant a tree or flower in your community
  7. Take a CPR class—it may come in use in the future!
  8. Offer a few hours of your time to babysit for busy parents
  9. Pack an extra lunch and give it to someone who needs it.
  10. Benefit your health as well as others by asking someone to join you for a walk
  11. Teach someone a skill that you know
  12. Conduct some stealth gardening in your area, ridding it of weeds
  13. Let someone in a hurry cut ahead of you in the queue
  14. Offer to help a neighbour: walk their dog or clean their brasses
  15. Give your coat to someone who doesn’t have one
  16. Donate canned food to a local food bank
  17. Offer to accompany a friend or neighbour to see a doctor
  18. Gather old mobile phones and donate them to a charity – why not ask friends or colleagues to do the same?
  19. Offer to give a lift to someone who needs it
  20. Stand up on the dart, bus or luas to leave your seat available for others
  21. Tell someone about a charity or cause you think is worth knowing about
  22. Make a cup of tea for someone working on your road
  23. Donate old toys to a children’s shelter
  24. Give a care package to a homeless person
  25. Call into a charity or charity shop in your area and ask if there’s anything they’d like you to help them with
  26. Pass on the Senior Help Line number to someone who might need it
  27. Call an animal shelter and donate an item that’s in need
  28. If you aren’t interested in a coupon, give it to the sales clerk to give to someone who is
  29. Offer to take a photograph for a group of tourists
  30. Tell someone about a random act of volunteering and encourage them to pass it on! 

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