Take the SDCC Corporate Plan 2020 - 2024 Survey

Help us to help you!

Every five years, South Dublin County Council develops a new Corporate Plan to guide the objectives and values of the Council as they deliver for you. SDCC are now preparing the Corporate Plan 2020-24 and want your help in identifying the challenges and objectives the Council should have in the coming five years.

South Dublin Co Council say “The Corporate Plan is more than just a road map for setting out the strategic intent of the Council for the five year period – it puts forward a vision for South Dublin County and the Council as an organisation and affirms the values by which we should work together to deliver on our ambitions”.

The preparation work for the Corporate Plan 2020-2024 is underway and SDCC would love to hear your ideas on how your Council can work for you.

Would you like to let them know what you think they should prioritise and what values they should hold as they work for you over the next five years? Then get involved in the conversation!