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Stories from our volunteers

volunteering is good for you...

509, 2018

Volunteering is a great experience.

Volunteering is a great experience. I started volunteering in the aim of meeting new people but my experiences proved that it is more than that. It helps me to reduce my stress, it keeps me mentally stimulated and it provides me a sense of purpose. My first volunteer experience in Ireland was when I volunteer for the Special Olympics Ireland which was conducted in Tallaght, Dublin. My responsibility was to guide the people to the

509, 2018

Volunteering  saved my sanity

Volunteering  saved my sanity I started volunteering soon after  the birth of my first child. For some, this might sound crazy and the worst possible time, a time of intense emotions and chronic tiredness. But for me, the overarching feeling around that time was boredom. Not that I wasn’t busy as such - I was, of course,  feeding and changing my child, bathing, clothing and soothing her. But I felt those tasks were repetitive, and